Construction Debris Removal

Let Go Junk can do full service construction debris removal and clean up on Long Island. Our team of experts knows how easy it is for sites to get messy. Let us help!

Book Online To Save $20
Book Online To Save $20



Let Go Junk understands just how much goes into a construction project and how tedious a lot of the work is.  Throughout the job, you want to continue to be productive and stay ahead of your deadlines.  We can help you make sure you stay on top of your project or get to the next one quicker by handling your construction clean up.


Construction site clean-ups and construction debris removal is no fun task, but Let Go Junk is up to the challenge.  Our team can tackle your debris clean-up with ease, letting you get back to work!

Quick Turnaround

Construction debris removal is quick and easy with Let Go Junk.  One of the best things about working with us is how quickly we’re able to get things done!  Our team is proud of how quickly we’re able to get your construction debris removals done.  When you book with us, we can be out within a day or two.

Imagine how much more productive your team will be once all those scrap materials and debris are out of your way.  Be debris free within 24 hours with us!

Cost of Construction Debris Removal

After we see how much debris you have to be removed, we’ll give you a firm estimate at your site.  We don’t raise prices on items we quote and never have any hidden costs and fees.  You can be confident that Let Go Junk is transparent with you from the start when you hire us to do your construction debris removal.

To get an estimate on your job, just get in touch with us.  We’d be happy to schedule a time to come out and check out your site. Contact us today!

Contact Let Go Junk Today

Ready to get your site cleaned up and back in order?  Get your construction debris removal with Let Go Junk scheduled today.  Our team will deliver exceptional service to your team while we work.  We’re professionals that care about our work!

Our staff is trained and equipped to handle anything you throw our way.  Get started now by giving us a call to discuss your construction debris removal needs.

Save $20

About Let Go Junk Construction Debris Removal

  • Call Let Go Junk at (631) 885-3338 to schedule your construction debris removal now.
  • When we see your site, our team will provide a no-obligation estimate on your construction site pick-up.
  • Once you give us the go-ahead, we’ll start clearing your debris right away.  You’ll have a neat space in no time!
  • We take care of your junk so you can get back to your family. Wouldn’t you rather spend the day at the Long Island Aquarium?