TV and Electronics Removal

Not sure what to do with your old electronics or that bulky TV that doesn't fit in the trunk of your car? Let Go Junk can help!

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Book Online To Save $20
Book Online To Save $20


Electronic waste, or e-waste, can’t be disposed of the same way we dispose of our other waste products.  Many electronics contain toxic chemicals that could be dangerous if left in a landfill.  For that reason, it’s important to get rid of these items properly.

If you pass off your electronic disposal to Let Go Junk, we’ll be sure everything gets taken where it needs to go, whether that be a recycling center, donation center, or hazardous waste center.  We’re full service, so we’ll even haul different electronics to different destination if we need to.

Quick Turnaround

One of the best things about choosing Let Go Junk for your full service TV removal, or other electronics, is that our service is speedy.  You can have these objects out of your way in no time at all!  Let Go Junk can often do same or next day pick-ups.  This means you can get back to doing more important things without worrying about your old junk.

We never want to waste your time, so we’ll always show up during our agreed upon arrival window and give you a heads up when we’re on the way to your property.

Elecronic Removal Costs

With Let Go Junk, you’ll never need to fear any surprise costs or hidden fees at payment time.  We don’t have any!  Our team is always transparent from the start and provides a no-obligation free estimate upfront so that you know what price to expect.

Our costs are determined by how much room junk items take up in our truck.  So once we know what TVs and old electronics you want us to get rid of, we’ll be able to give you a firm estimate on your specific electronic removal job.  Let’s set up an estimate!  Give us a call and we an discuss your electronic disposal needs and see how we can help!

Contact Let Go Junk Today

Most of your old electronics are probably no longer useful due to the constantly changing technology around us.  Now, they’re just clutter.  If you’re ready to get them out of your way, we’re ready to help make it happen.

You can schedule an electronic removal appointment online by clicking “Book Now” or by calling our team.  It’s that easy.  So, take a look at your calendar and figure out when you’d like our team’s services.  We look forward to working with you!

Save $20

About Let Go Junk Electronics Removal

  • Call Let Go Junk at (631) 885-3338 or book a pickup time online to be one step closer to being clutter-free.
  • Upon arrival, Let Go Junk will give you a no-obligation estimate upfront on your TV and electronics removal.
  • Once you approve, watch as your items disappear into the back of our truck and become out of your way for good.