Hot Tub Removal

Let Go Junk offers easy and convenient hot tub removal in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Book Online To Save $20
Book Online To Save $20


Hot tubs are a ton of fun, but they only last so long.  If you find yourself with an old hot tub that’s either broken or just doesn’t get used anymore, it’s time to call the pros.

Gone are the days that your old, abandoned hot tub takes up room on your deck or in your yard.  It’s time to reclaim your property and get back that unused space!  Leave it to our team at Let Go Junk remove your hot tub and haul it away for you.  We’re trained to do all the disassembly and heavy lifting so you don’t have to!

Carl Has a Swamp Monster in his Hot Tub!Got an old or unused hot tub? Here’s how the team at Let Go Junk gets rid of it for you!

Carl Has a Swamp Monster in his Hot Tub – Let Go Junk Hot Tub Removal Posted by Let Go Junk Removal on Monday, March 9, 2020

Timely Service

We know you have a busy schedule, so that’s why we are dedicated to delivering hot tub removal within 24 hours of booking your removal.

Let Go Junk never wastes your time!

We pride ourselves on being able to get your hot tub removed on the same or the next day as your booking!  If you’ve decided it’s time to say goodbye to your hot tub, go ahead and give us a call so we can have it removed for you by tomorrow.

Please note that same or next day removal requires the hot tub to be drained and disconnected from power prior to our arrival.

Cost of Hot Tub Removal

For most hot tub removal service calls, we only charge for the space the disassembled tub takes up in the back of our truck – labor is included!

Labor Costs

There may be an additional charge for exceptionally labor-intensive hot tub removals. We provide all pricing information upfront, so you will know the total hot tub removal cost prior to the start of the job.

Just point us to your hot tub and let us do all the hard work.  Our team will arrive with all of the tools and experience needed to handle any hot tub removal job!

Contact Let Go Junk and Demolition

Are you already thinking about how you’ll rearrange your patio once your old hot tub is gone?  It’s time to call.

Let Go Junk makes Long Island, N.Y  hot tub removal quicker and easier than ever.  Sit back and let us cross this task off your to-do list.  Call our Let Go Junk team now!  What are you waiting for? Book Now!

Save $20

About Let Go Junk Hot Tub, Spa and Jacuzzi Removal

  • Call Let Go Junk at (631) 885-3338 or book online to schedule your hot tub removal in Nassau and Suffolk Counties now.
  • Before our arrival, we ask that you disconnect the power and gas to your tub and drain it.
  • Our team will provide a no-obligation quote when we see your tub.
  • If you’re ready to move forward, we will use our tools to cut your tub into small sections to be carried away.
  • During and after the hot tub removal, we will clean any mess your hot tub removal creates.