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Let Go Junk real estate removal services helps realtors to get properties ready for sale or rent much faster.

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Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I don’t usually write these things, but John and his crew are true pros who deserve so much more than a five star review.

When my mother passed away in December, it fell on me to take on the task of emptying her entire two story house, basement and garage included. It’s not an overstatement to say that it seemed impossible; the house was packed with 60 years of my mother’s life.

I met with John on a Wednesday. He gave me a fair price and assured me that the job would be done. When he and his crew arrived the following Monday and came into the house, I was completely overwhelmed and embarrassed to the point of tears. John and every member of his crew immediately responded with understanding and a “can do” attitude. I worked alongside them all day. I was probably more in the way than I was a help, but they were so kind and let me do what I had to do to get through it.

They did the job in one day! They worked non-stop with complete resolve. Not only did they manage to make the impossible possible, but they did it with professionalism and compassion. Thanks guys, I’ll never forget what you did for me!

Service: House & garage cleanouts
Response from the owner
Linda , thank you for hiring Let Go Junk Removal to service your mother home in Centereach. Thank you again for the wonderful 5 star review and the pleasure meeting you.

Linda Larsen

months ago

I am an attorney and the executor of a friend’s estate in dix hills. he died leaving a houseful of furniture and a lot of ‘junk’. he had many collections of ‘stuff’, and although neat, way too much one house with a single man should have had. after we sold some of the furniture and did a general clean up of the refrigerator and such, we got a few quotes from a few junk removal companies. john was by far the most professional, friendly and helpful of them all……… far. i knew before they did the job that the choice i made was the right one. their bid was about 20% lower than the nearest lower bid, but that wasn’t the main reason i hired them. i just ‘knew’ john was telling the truth. i could see it in his eyes. i paid them in advance (i had to issue a check from the estate so i had to give it a bit of time to clear the bank)……and i did it without hesitation and on my suggestion. (we couldn’t pay cash because of the reimbursement requirement and the reporting to the court). the morning of the job scheduled for 9 am, i got there at 8:50 am to find the crew of 3 men (including john, the owner) with shovels clearing out the driveway from the snow that fell the night before. i apologized for not having the driveway shovelled prior to their arrival, but they told me it was their pleasure (i’m 68, and don’t shovel too often). they were there from 9 am until almost 9 pm. john checked in with me several times during the day and assured me they were on task but that there was a lot of junk to haul out including a huge slate pool table; a ton of tools, boxes, old furniture and a broken refrigerator i left them alone at 9:15 am after walking through the house with them and tagging the few items i wanted to stay trustworthy, honest, hard working, dilligent, timely, caring and over delivered. i made sure i took that all into consideration when at 9 pm i did a final walk through in the generous tip i gave these hard working dedicated guys. use them! they deserve your business. they are heads and heels better than any of their local competitors. and family run. thank you john for making a difficult time a very easy experience. now we paint the walls and sell the house!

Alan Finkel

months ago
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As a Real Estate Broker we work in an industry where customer service and professionalism is essential. The vendors we recommend to our clients are an extension of our business and “John Melendez” of “ Let Go Junk” is that indispensable vendor I recommend to all my clients who need help with moving options. John goes above and beyond in his professionalism, time management,quality of work and best of all his prices are the lowest you’ll find. I have worked with John for more than 5 years and he is done extensive cleanup work for many of my clients. I highly recommend this company.

Debra Mangogna

months ago
Andrew in business attire

I’m a realtor and one of my clients just bought a house that had so much junk in it!!
I used let go junk to get everything out of here and the business owner John is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He went above and beyond to help me, you can tell when someone actually wants to provide you with good customer service. He was sincere and even came on short notice and took away all my junk! the best part was the price! I couldn’t believe what he was charging me because it was the best price for junk removal I have ever seen. I have his number saved in my phone and from now on John is going to be the only guy that I call. highly recommended.
If anyone has any questions about my experience my number is 516-858-9434, I would be happy to share! don’t call anyone else besides let go junk!

Andrew Ragusa

months ago
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These guys helped out my parents when they moved out of their East Setauket home crammed with 40+ years of accumulated stuff. My parents are getting older, and I was worried they would be taken advantage of — but the guys at Let Go Junk were very courteous and good-natured. My mom appreciated how they were “clean”, as well as very respectful of her home full of cherished memories. Even if they were helping to get rid of “junk,” the guys were careful so as not to damage any of the items, nor to mar the walls or scratch the floors. My father appreciated their responsiveness, reasonable rates, and the fact they made themselves available the very next day.

A lot of my parent’s “junk” was actually furniture still in good condition as well as appliances and gifts that were never used. My mom didn’t like the idea of all that good stuff going to the landfill, but the guys assured her that they donate items in good condition to charity and people in need, so things get re-used, and re-purposed for the greater good. That’s where they get my stamp of approval. 🙂

Christine P

months ago
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Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value
John and Steve were absolutely amazing!!! They came over for an estimate yesterday and was here first thing this morning to remove all the junk left behind by the sellers. My yard looks absolutely amazing now. I would recommended them to anybody and everybody.

Megan Clapp

months ago
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John was very polite gave me a very good price. He is all about the community and doing the right thing by people. He did the job for a great price and it was the kind of job you wouldn’t want to do. I give Let Go Junk Removal 5 stars

Nick White

months ago
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Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
John from Let go Junk was great! Right from the beginning everything was fast and efficient. Asking for a quote online, I was responded to and appointment was made for the next day. The quote was absolutely fair with the intention that John wants to actually help his community when it comes to their projects and finances! They came back the same day and got it done on my schedule. I would recommend Let go Junk over any other disposal company and make sure all my family, friends, and neighbors know about them when they need such services.

David Vincent

months ago
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Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
My parents moved to a senior community and it was up to me to clear out their house of over 50 years. I hired Let Go Junk and they made job easier than I could have ever imagined. Straight forward pricing, polite, hard working, prompt and great communication. I highly recommend Let Go Junk.

Eric Mayer

months ago
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Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value
I have had the pleasure of having John from Let Go Junk handle several clean out jobs and have been very satisfied every time. He and his team are courteous and professional. His estimates are accurate and the quality of the work is exceptional. I highly recommend them anytime you need to get rid of junk.

Traci Fantazzo

months ago

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Value Your Time

We know that your time is valuable, that’s why we offer same day or at next day service!

Efficient Service

Whether you’re selling a foreclosed property, REO, short sale, book the pros at Let Go Junk!

We Do It All

From old couches to broken down freezers, piles of leaves of swing sets – we’ll take it to the landfill so you won’t have to!

Save Money

When we do a job, we do it right the first time – no scuffs or dents! Our professional team will leave your home in perfect shape.

Better Property Marketing

No one wants to view a house with junk! So let us make it more appealing both inside & out – we take what others don’t.

More Selling Points

Put buyers at ease with a home that is clutter free! Not only will it make for better pictures but you can also sell quicker!

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Let Go Junk real estate removal services helps realtors to get properties ready for sale or rent much faster.

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