Junk Hauling

Let Go Junk in Long Island provides junk hauling and removal services in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Book Online To Save $20
Book Online To Save $20


Whatever your junk hauling or junk removal needs are, Let Go Junk is prepared for them.  Our team is specialized in all different kinds of junk hauling and removal for things such as unwanted basement items, garage clean outs, yard debris clean up, demolition, donation drop-offs, and more!

With help from the pros, you can simplify whatever junk hauling needs you currently have.  If a DIY home improvement project has left you with construction debris or an abundance of unwanted household items that need to be donated, just let us know.  We offer same or next day pickup and free, no-obligation price estimates.

Why Choose Let Go Junk?

Our team at Let Go Junk is trained to handle junk hauling with professionalism and expertise.  Whatever your needs are, we will work with you to ensure a safe and speedy junk hauling experience.

Choose The Experts

With the superior Nassau and Suffolk junk hauling customer service at Let Go Junk, you will be relieved to see your junk handled with care and convenience.  We equip our employees with the tools and knowledge needed to accomplish any junk removal task you can think of!

Junk Removal of All Kinds

Let Go Junk can do all sorts of junk hauling.  If you have piles of unwanted junk accumulated in your home, we can gather and load it for you.  If you need your garage or attic cleaned, we can help with that, too!  We even perform minor demolition on structures such as play-sets, sheds, and decks.

After we load your junk into our truck, we take it to the appropriate disposal facility.  We minimize the amount of waste that gets put in landfills by taking the time to separate items that are recyclable or that are in good enough condition to take to a donation center.

Contact Let Go Junk Today

Let Go Junk is excited to work with you and help you feel more organized and clutter-free in your home.  We have the trucks and manpower that you’re lacking to get the job done.

If you have questions, you can ask us by email or phone.  If you’re ready to book your junk hauling in Nassau and Suffolk, why wait any longer?  Call or click “book now” to set up your removal pick-up time!

Save $20

About Junk Hauling

  • Call Let Go Junk at (631) 885-3338 or book online to schedule your junk hauling appointment now.
  • We will give you a no-obligation quote upfront and never charge more than the price given for the original amount of junk quoted.
  • When you give us the go-ahead, we will start loading your junk immediately.
  • Our team will take your junk to the best location and recycle or donate items when possible.