Junk Removal on Long Island

Looking for a full service junk removal company to help you haul your junk? Let Go Junk offers same or next day service on Long Island!

Book Online To Save $20
Book Online To Save $20


Is your home cluttered with old things you don’t need anymore?  Maybe it’s time to finally consider junk removal to help you.  No one wants to dread leaving from work because of the mess that’s waiting at home.  With a hand from the pros, your home will be junk-free in no time.

Let Go Junk is the perfect solution to your Long Island junk removal goals.  Our team can have this project checked off your list so you can get back to enjoying your free time at home in a clutter-free environment.

Who is Let Go Junk?

Let Go Junk is Long Island’s top junk removal company.  We are locally owned and operated and prepared to handle any of your junk removal needs.  As a full service junk removal company, we can remove and haul off almost any kind of junk.  Our team delivers professionalism and quality.

Whether you just have a lot of household clutter or large items you can’t haul yourself, Let Go Junk is your go-to removal service.  We take furniture, yard waste, appliances, and just about any kind of household clutter.  We even demolish some items like sheds, hot tubs, and play-sets.  Depending on what junk you are getting rid of, we can even make donations if your items are in good condition.

How Does Junk Removal Work?

Professional junk removal is the perfect solution for a lot of homeowners’ junk problems.  Sometimes the items we want to get rid of are just too big and heavy for us to deal with.  And sometimes there’s just so much junk that we don’t know where to take it.  That’s where Let Go Junk comes in.

To get an estimate, call us now and tell us what kind of junk removal you need done.  When our team gets to your property, they will provide a no-obligation quote so you know what price to expect.  When you approve our quote, we’ll get right to work!  We can’t wait to complete your junk removal Long Island goals with you!

When Can I Get Started?

At your wits’ end with your junk and ready to ask for help?  Let Go Junk is eager to work with you.  All you need to do is give us a call or click “book now” to get started.  With convenience like that, there’s never been a better time to remove your junk.

Junk Removal in Long Island has never been easier.  No more waiting.  Your junk can be gone within 24 hours with Let Go Junk. Think of all the fun things you could be doing instead of struggling to get rid of your junk!

Save $20

About Let Go Junk Removal

  • Give Let Go Junk a call at (631) 885-3338 or book online to schedule your junk removal now.
  • We will provide a free, no-obligation estimate when we arrive on your property and see your junk.
  • If you like what you hear, we will start removing your junk right away!

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